SEPTEMBER 27, 1927 - SEPTEMBER 30, 2006

Uncle Josh Graves September 2, 2006 at the JD Crowe Festival in Wilmore, Kentucky

Josh Graves, Jr. exclusively shared with Bluegrass Music Profiles a health update on his father, Josh Graves

"Things around here have been a little hectic but it is getting a lot better now. Dad went back into the hospital again. He went to Baptist Hospital in Nashville. He had a lot of infection and build up of fluid on one of his amputated nubs which he just had surgery because the bone was trying to come through the skin causing a lot of discomfort. The bone was cut back. This last time we were not sure of what would happen since he was weak but the surgery had to be done. The family agreed to go ahead and do the surgery. Let me re-phrase that, Dad told us what to do like he always does and he chose to go ahead with the operation.

"I came back to the hospital after he came out of recovery.He looked up at me and said 'I beat them again.'

If all goes well he will get to come home soon. He is already talking about the dates that are booked and how he wants to do them. There is no quitting in this man - my Dad. I don't see how he keeps on going but he does. I hate to complain with a hurt foot or stomach when he has been through as much as he has and hasn't complained at all. He says the man upstairs is taking care of him.

Best nightclubs with bluegrass and country music

You will be surprised to find out how many people love bluegrass and country music. When they hear the jams, they will be eager to keep on moving. Music fills our heart with joy and we will always remember the contributors to the sound of country music. You can listen to the songs of Josh Graves, Esco Hankins, Flatt and Scruggs, Boots Randolph and Jake Tullock in many nightclubs from all over the world. Here are some of the bluegrass venues that you should visit in your lifetime.

Dance clubs with bluegrass rhythms

If you will ever arrive to Rome, Italy, there is a neighborhood called Prati in the Vatican City where you should stop by. Fonclea is a wonderful venue on Via Crescenzio where they play astounding live music for those who really appreciated bluegrass, folk, Latin-American and many other music genres. Come here for several hours of pure joy and savor your birra in the times when your feet will hurt you due to too much dancing.

Nashville is definitely a pilgrimage destination for bluegrass and country music lovers. You will hear the best songs of Josh Graves at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on Broadway. Their open hours – from 10 am to 2:30 am – allow you to be pampered with the bluegrass rhythms and if the live songs will not cheer you up, perhaps their drinks menu and memorabilia on the walls will manage to brighten up your day.

Chicago’s Horseshoe located on Lincoln Avenue is a fun bar that throws some of the best parties in the city. Every night of the week you will hear the best jams and bluegrass songs, so make sure you will schedule your visit in advance. This place can get a bit crowded during the weekends, so be prepared to stand all night long while the bands will perform live on scene your favorite country songs.

Tír na nÓg Irish Pub in Raleigh will promose you a stellar experience that you should not miss if bluegrass music runs through your veins. An abundance of music, drinks and food will bring you closer to the “land of eternal youth”, as the name of the venue suggests. Get your Bloody Mary from the bar, charm the beautiful Dubai escort that will keep you company and dance on the country rhythms until it will be too late and the bar will get closed.

Dance all night long on country songs

Spend your vacation in Dubai and make sure you will book your place at Madinat Amphitheatre, this impressive outdoor stage where they perform a wide variety of music genres. Artists will perform live songs of Josh Graves and Boots Randolph, but then your ears will be delighted by the smooth jazz rhythms and energetic bass of drum and bass. This spot is great for a romantic date, but many other venues will be perfect for this special occasion.

Country music and bluegrass jams can be heard all over the world, regardless the continent and no matter how old you are. Make sure you will not miss these surprising venues and jam all night long on the sweet bluegrass sounds!